About Us

Vancouver Study Club is an interdisciplinary study club for general dentists looking to enhance their skills and enrich their knowledge in esthetic, restorative, prosthetic, periodontal, and implant dentistry in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The course is structured, evidence-based and up-to-date including lectures, case presentations, problem solving panels, treatment planning sessions, hands-on training and live surgeries for clinicians with different level of experience in periodontics and implantology.

The courses have been tailored to be practical and useful in your daily practice. We have involved specialists from other disciplines as guest speakers to present the most recent updates in their own fields which makes this learning model more comprehensive and versatile.

Dr. Lowe

Dr. Birdi

Our Directors

Vancouver Study Club is co-directed by Dr. Bobby Birdi, B.Sc, DMD, MSc, Dip. Perio, Dip. Pros., FRCD(C), FACP, DABP and Dr. Ed Lowe, B.Sc., D.M.D